Who We Are

Sharp Eyed Group, LLC is made up of passionate people in the American Sign Language-using community who have big ideas about how to improve our lives. We exist not only to provide needed services to the ASL community, but also to push the envelope as to what these services look like. We are not interested in merely providing a safety net, but in providing the means for consumers to get on, and remain on, the trapeze and high wire.

Our Team

Linda Greeno Bio Picture
Linda Greeno - Director
Ms. Linda Greeno was recently appointed Director, Sharp-Eyed Group. She has the audacity to believe that the organization can become a genuine difference-maker in the Indianapolis DEAF Community. This belief is based upon her experience as a deaf social worker who routinely utilizes local interpreting services and as a consumer who has undertaken to educate others about the talents available within the ASL-interpreter pool. With Sharp Eyed Group, Linda has adopted one main goal: to have only the BEST, certified and nationally licensed signed language interpreters become easily accessible to the entire Indiana area.

Linda has three beautiful adult children and six joyful and well-loved grandchildren, plus an adorable rabbit, Coco. Linda loves to travel and spend time with her family and close friends.

Vanessa Wagner Bio Picture
Vanessa Wagner - Interpreter Coordinator
Mrs. Vanessa Wagner is an Interpreting Coordinator since November 2018. She has managing to schedule and make calls for interpreters and vendors. She helps vendors and interpreters to work together to make clients' expectations and satisfaction.

Vanessa has two CODAs (Children of Deaf Adult) children and a hard-working husband. Also, she is the photographer for Vanessa Wagner Photography.

Bill Warnock Bio Picture-->
Bill Warnock - Accounts Payable
I was added to The Sharp Eyed crew when my skill with streamlining numbers, programs, and accounts was discovered. I am known as a jack of all trades- I have a drive for learning and figuring out something new everyday via research and/or outsourcing.

I enjoy playing golf and spending time with my wife, Meg, and my young CODA adults, Courtney, Josh, and Maggie.

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