Who We Are

Sharp Eyed Group, LLC is made up of passionate people in the American Sign Language-using community who have big ideas about how to improve our lives. We exist not only to provide needed services to the ASL community, but also to push the envelope as to what these services look like. We are not interested in merely providing a safety net, but in providing the means for consumers to get on, and remain on, the trapeze and high wire.

Our Team

Roger Kraft Bio Picture
Roger Kraft - Owner
Roger has the audacity to believe that Sharp Eyed Group can truly become a difference-maker in the Indianapolis ASL community. This belief is based on his experience launching video relay service centers; managing organization-wide projects; dabbling in research and development; operating call centers; marketing relay services; and directing a resort/retreat center. Roger's house has a beautiful wife, 4 awesome children, and a dog. When there are breaks in his family's crazy schedule, he likes to run, travel, and cook!
Jenny Tester Bio Picture
Jenny Tester
Jenny Tester's bio information to be added soon.
Carrie Foster Bio Picture
Carrie Foster
Carrie Foster's bio information to be added soon.
View our partial listing of interpreters who provide services through Sharp Eyed Group.