What sets us apart from other interpreting providers in the metropolitan Indianapolis area is the fact that we are customers ourselves.

We understand.

We demand quality. How? We use nationally-certified interpreters who adhere to a stringent Code of Professional Conduct developed and maintained by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf. At times, and at the specific request of Deaf consumers, we will send interpreters who may not yet hold RID certification but who have been carefully screened and approved by the local Deaf community.

In addition, we maintain a consumer profile on Deaf consumers’ needs and interpreter preferences. That way, we can ensure that real communication will take place between Deaf and hearing people.

We don’t take shortcuts.

Why? The shortcuts hurt us and you. We will not send less-qualified interpreters, charge the same rate, and pocket the difference. We will not send an interpreter that is inexperienced or a poor match for the situation. We will not cheat our paying customers or the Deaf community, period.

Please see our Standards of Service and FAQs for more information.

Our Services

Community Interpreting: Whether it is in the doctor’s office, on stage, or on the job, our interpreters are well-qualified to facilitate communication between Deaf and hearing people. Once we get a request, we contact our pool of interpreters and match the most appropriate available interpreter to the Deaf consumer and to the situation. Our interpreters are steeped in the Deaf community–as such, they not only are proficient in American Sign Language but they also are well-versed in Deaf cultural norms and behaviors–knowledge that is critical while interpreting between Deaf and hearing people. From initial inquiry to final invoice, we strive to maintain a professional relationship with the paying customer and with the Deaf and hearing consumers of our services. Click here to see a sample of our interpreters.

CART Services: Communication Access Real-Time Translation is also referred to as “realtime captioning” and describes the process of a trained service provider captioning spoken English proceedings into written English to be read by one or more deaf or hard of hearing individuals. This English transcript is provided instantly and may be read on a small computer screen or a large projected screen depending on the number of people desiring the service. [CART does not replace ASL interpreting services in situations where the Deaf consumer(s) involved ar expected to provide responses and/or participate in dialogue/discussions.] Rate sheet available upon request. Click here to request CART services.

Text to ASL translation: English Text to American Sign Language translation allows you to make your message permanently accessible to the Deaf community. You provide an English text and a Deaf individual fluent in ASL and certified in text to ASL translation will produce an ASL version of your text that is always available via QR code, app or other technology for you to use with your constituents. See video to the right for further details. Fees vary by project; contact Sharp Eyed Group now for an estimate! When you're ready, click here to request Text to ASL translation services.

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