Bill Of Rights
As a Deaf consumer of interpreting services, you have a right to the following:
  • Ability to request a specific interpreter and/or a specific interpreting agency in advance of the assignment;
  • An interpreter who has and maintains their RID national certification (NIC, CI/CT, etc);
  • A professional and courteous interpreter who obeys all tenets of RID’s Code of Professional Conduct;
  • Appropriate register of signs used;
  • A knowledgeable interpreter who signs fluently and knows the subject matter at hand;
  • An appropriately-dressed interpreter without any distracting accessories;
  • A fully-engaged interpreter who is not distracted by outside elements;
  • Being able to control your physical environment (lighting, seating, sight lines, etc.);
  • Having all participants understanding the interpreter’s role;
  • Being accompanied by a service animal;
  • Ability to give feedback to the paying customer or interpreting agency regarding their service.
Watch video above in ASL explaining about Bill of Rights.