Watch the video above to see what our Empowerment service can do for you!

Our lives are full of complex situations, decisions, and choices — everyday!

  • How do I rent an apartment or purchase a home?
  • How do I handle a problem with my boss?
  • I think I am facing discrimination.
  • How do I file for unemployment, disability, housing, medical, or retirement benefits?
  • How do I navigate a surgery or hospital stay?
  • How do I ask for interpreters that the law requires?
  • How do I use the bus system?

These and many similar questions can feel overwhelming. Sometimes we can be overwhelmed without guidance in everyday life situations. Or sometimes we are not gaining the full benefit of various services or of our rights under the law.

Deaf case managers are available through Sharp Eyed Group to work with you step-by-step through whatever situation you are facing. Our case managers have the knowledge and experience to help you understand your options and to empower you to independently handle home, workplace, and community situations.

This service is FREE OF CHARGE to Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals!

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