Our Interpreters
Interpreting since: 2009
Originally from: Marshall, Illinois
How became involved with ASL/Deaf community: Started in 2004 when I lived at ISD for two years while completing AA degree in ASL then moved to Washington DC and attended Gallaudet University. I graduated in 2009 with my BA in interpretation and a minor in Psychology. After working two years in a mental health setting interpreting I decided to go back to school and received my Masters degree from Vanguard University in clinical psychology in 2015.
Family: Mother is Cathy Canny - she is a paralegal at Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan. My father is the media minister at Park Chapel Christian Church in Greenfield. My sister, Kristin Canny just graduated from IUPUI with her BA in interpretation as well. I have two amazing nephews who I love to spoil. I have no children but my puppy Shadow is my child. He's turning one at the end of July.
Hobbies: Anything outdoors related or anything dealing with water.
Fun fact: I have interpreted at all the major landmarks in Washington DC. My niche is mental health interpreting.
Favorite spot in Indy: Hiking and camping
Heather Canny
Interpreting since: 2011
Originally from: Carmel, Indiana
How became involved with ASL/Deaf community: I originally went to IUPUI when I graduated HS and fell in love with ASL. After a year there I transferred over to VU where I received my Associates degree. I took a brief intermission and moved to Colorado where I got married and had 2 children and then settled back in to Indiana and went back for my Bachelors degree in Interpreting from IUPUI.
Family: I just celebrated my 12 year anniversary with my husband Mike and we have a daughter, 11, and a son, 9.
Hobbies: Being outside with my family, reading and gardening.
Fun fact: I have had various jobs in my "previous life" from waiting tables to working for an investment company and directing a preschool. All of these experiences have actually made me a better interpreter!
Favorite spot in Indy: My family and I reside in downtown Noblesville and I LOVE exploring this area. There are so many hidden gems that most people are unaware of that it is always an adventure.
Katie Carlson
Interpreting since: 1986
Originally from: Minetto, New York
How became involved with ASL/Deaf community: NTID. At nearby Brockport State U, I took a sign language elective and ended up dating the NTID student assistant. He insisted I become an interpreter and got me to apply to NTID.
Family: Husband Gahlan, (just married!) Together we have 5 grown children. No grandchildren (yet).
Hobbies: Gardening, Organizing.
Fun fact: I went to school to be an Art Teacher, and took an elective in sign language thinking it would be fun. I ended up getting both degrees at the same time (2 colleges, 2 degrees, 1 crazy me!). I went back and got my Math teaching license 20 years later.
Favorite spot in Indy: I love walking outdoors, and 2 favorite spots are Fort Ben and The Canal downtown.
Kathy Czerpak
Interpreting since: 2005
Originally from: El Centro, California
How became involved with ASL/Deaf community: I began learning ASL as a part of my school curriculum back in 2002 and then took community college classes, in El Centro, after becoming more involved in my local Deaf community. I later attended Bethel College where I graduated the Sign Language Interpreting program in 2015.
Family: Most of my family still resides in southern California, but I have been blessed with friends, who feel like family, here in Indiana.
Hobbies: I enjoy adventures, whether at home in Indianapolis or abroad! When I’m not scaling mountains, I’m reading or volunteering with my church or the local animal shelter.
Fun fact: I paid most of my way through college by raising Boar market goats.
Favorite spot in Indy: I love walking the Monon Trail through Broad Ripple, especially in the spring!
Christina Dammarell
Interpreting since: 2011
Originally from: Noblesville, Indiana
How became involved with ASL/Deaf community: I worked at a health club in high school that had a few Deaf members. After struggling to communicate, I took ASL classes at IUPUI. Later, I transferred to Vincennes University’s ASL program and began working as the interpreter scheduler at the Indiana School for the Deaf. I graduated from IUPUI’s interpreting program in 2011, and received RID certification in 2014.
Family: I have been married to my husband Jamey for almost 12 years. We have two sons, Jacob age 11 and Luke age 9. We also have a cat named Yoda and a Great Pyrenees named Alaska.
Hobbies: I enjoy reading, traveling, exercising, and listening to music. I do a lot of hiking, camping, and swimming in the summer.
Fun fact: I formerly taught aerobics. I also completed a rehabilitation counseling for Deaf and Hard of Hearing adults program at Western Oregon University. I have taken several masters level courses in counseling and enjoy interpreting in that field.
Favorite spot in Indy: I love to go outdoor music venues such as Klipsch music center and the Lawn at White river state park. I also enjoy going to the Indianapolis zoo and Conner Prairie.
Aimee Dodd
Interpreting since: 1980
Originally from: Kokomo, Indiana
How became involved with ASL/Deaf community: Deaf friends, Deaf roommate, Deaf Club, ISD
Family: No children
Hobbies: Volunteering with National Wildlife Federation and with local elementary school
Fun fact: Organic farmer, host on-site farm market at our farm on Sundays 11-6 pm Sobremesa Farm, Bloomington IN
Favorite spot in Indy: Eagle Creek Reservoir
Robert Frew
Interpreting since: 2000
Originally from: Graduated Eastern Kentucky University Bachelor of Science in Interpreter Training -2002
How became involved with ASL/Deaf community: Became involved and introduced to the Deaf community at the age of 15, attended a Deaf Camp.
Family: Married with two 2 children, Gage (5), Josie (4)
Hobbies: Camping and traveling with our kids.
Fun fact: I worked at Mammoth Cave National Park as a park ranger, one of the best jobs ever.
Favorite spot in Indy: Holcomb Gardens & Tow path on the canal at Butler University
Teresa Hall
Interpreting since: 1973
Originally from: Indianapolis, Indiana
How became involved with ASL/Deaf community: Learned ASL and became involved in the Deaf community from my Deaf parents, Fred & Margaret Hazel.
Family: I have two sons.
Hobbies: Cruising and traveling to new places.
Fun fact: Previously I was a teacher at ISD and am now retired.
Favorite spot in Indy: Anywhere with friends or the pool!
Diane Hazel-Jones
Interpreting since: 2008
Originally from: Powell, Tennessee, but my family moved around a lot, so I am "from" multiple different states with different Deaf communities. TX, NC, SC, and KY.
How became involved with ASL/Deaf community: CODA Family: Two Deaf parents, one hearing sister.
Family: Two Deaf parents, one hearing sister
Hobbies: Reading, watching movies, making natural products
Fun fact: I met my husband while working on a film set - I was a makeup artist, and he was the tech guy!
Favorite spot in Indy: Hamilton 16 Movie Theater
Genaere Lowery
Interpreting since: 1991
Originally from: Ann Arbor, Michigan
How became involved with ASL/Deaf community: ASL is my heritage language. I took ASL classes at Madonna University.
Family: Married to Donna Mahoney and we have three children and four fur babies (2 dogs, 2 hamsters)
Hobbies: Traveling, cooking, baking, canning, hiking, and biking with family and friends.
Fun fact: Lived in four states and in Belgium.
Favorite spot in Indy: Eagle Creek Park
Marian Mahoney
Interpreting since: 2008
Originally from: Indianapolis, Indiana
How became involved with ASL/Deaf community: I learned ASL from my family. I am a CODA. I also attended Vincennes University and IUPUI.
Family: I have been married to my husband Mike for 5 years. I am a mom to two fun loving boys Dylan (11) and Ethan (8).
Hobbies: I love spending time with my family and friends. We enjoy trying new things and being out and about.
Fun fact: I can sign the alphabet in 4 seconds.
Favorite spot in Indy: Holiday park or the canal
Angela Moody
Interpreting since: 2015
Originally from: West Jordan, Utah. Now living in Cicero
How became involved with ASL/Deaf community: ASL was offered as a foreign language class at my high school. My teacher was Deaf, and encouraged me to continue learning ASL. I attended VU’s ASL program for two years, then transferred to IUPUI where I received a Bachelors of Science in ASL/English interpreting. Along with interpreting in the community, I also work in VRS.
Family: I'm a mother to two fur kids, a miniature schnauzer named Hugo, and a black cat named Kip. My parents, brother, and sisters all live within 15 mins of each other so we are very close. I also have a niece and two nephews who I love to spoil!
Hobbies: Traveling, hiking, exploring Indianapolis, reading, gardening, cooking, canning, spending time with my boyfriend and family.
Favorite spot in Indy: There’s so much to see and do, I couldn’t pick just one. :)
Stephanie Orcutt
Interpreting since: 1998
Originally from: Michigan City, Indiana
How became involved with ASL/Deaf community: I am a CODA, and took a MA in TESOL/Linguistics.
Family: I have three sons and a daughter. Oh, and a spouse to go along with them.
Hobbies: Photography, cooking, hiking, camping, exercising, and writing.
Fun fact: I own a photography business. I also serve as chairperson for a local chapter of a student exchange program. I am fluent in French.
Favorite spot in Indy: I don't have a favorite spot in Indy, but I love music and art. If money were no object, I would go to a venue every night to hear both local and national musicians. I would also take endless classes at the Indianapolis Art Center.
Kristina Riley
Interpreting since: 2001
Originally from: Porter, Indiana
How became involved with ASL/Deaf community: I was selling real estate, as I am now, and found out there were a lot of Deaf people in the greater Indianapolis area. I thought if I could learn the language it would be a nice niche market for me. I went to Vincennes University and did a year at IUPUI interpreting program.
Family: I am married with two kids. Alicia, 17 and William, 14.
Hobbies: I love to scrapbook, paint, and golf. I don't have much time for any of it anymore.
Fun fact: Fun fact - my son was born at home, delivered by my husband...not on purpose.
Favorite spot in Indy: I’m not much for crowds, so my favorite things to do is hang out on my 10 acres and play with my 5 dogs.
Vicky Silhavy
Interpreting since: 2011
Originally from: I grew up on the East Coast and have been in Indiana for 20 yrs.
How became involved with ASL/Deaf community: I learned ASL by immersion.
Hobbies: I love life and everything living. I am always curious and enjoy making this world a better place.
Fun fact: My favorite quote is by Jewel: "These hands are small I know, but they aren't yours. They are my own and I am never broken."
Favorite spot in Indy:
Hilari Vargo