Standards of Service

Certification: Sharp Eyed Group schedules interpreters that are certified by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf. Other certification systems do not always measure an interpreter’s ability to actually interpret between spoken English and American Sign Language.

Profile: Sharp Eyed Group maintains a profile of Deaf consumers’ and paying customers’ interpreter preferences. As such, we will attempt to schedule these interpreters first to assignments involving these customers and consumers.

Team Interpreting may be needed for assignments expected to last more than 2 hours, as well as for certain shorter assignments. The customer is billed for each interpreter utilized in a team. Team interpreters work together to assure the sustained accuracy of interpretation, switching roles between active and supporting interpreter—usually at intervals of about 20 minutes. The interpreter who is not actively interpreting assumes a supporting role and keeps up with the content in order to ensure an appropriate level of continuity when roles are switched. Certified Deaf Interpreters (CDIs) are utilized for teaming purposes when the Deaf consumers’ unique communication needs warrant specialized interpreting.

Confidentiality: All of our interpreters adhere to the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf’s Code of Professional Conduct, which—among other things—stipulates that interpreters are to maintain confidentiality related to what they see and hear while on interpreting assignments.


Invoices are payable in their entirety within 25 days after receipt, unless prior arrangements have been made. A 5% late fee is assessed on invoices outstanding more than 45 days after receipt. Payment is accepted via check, credit card, or electronic deposit. Specific instructions for making payment are included on invoices. Please do NOT pay the interpreter on site.

Please contact us for full rate information or to request an interpreter.

Frequently Asked Questions

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